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A team might also involve cross-functional members who come together to collaborate on special initiatives or projects in the organization. While the broader culture of the organization definitely impacts the work of any team, the collaboration of employees within these smaller groups offers another opportunity for culture to flourish or flounder.

10 Indicators of a Thriving Small Group Culture

Even if the broader organizational culture is strong, the dynamics of these micro-cultures within teams can make or break the success of many critical company projects. How can teams be set up to maximize success and support thriving micro-cultures? It might be tempting to focus on establishing the perfect mix of experience, education, and personality traits amongst team members.

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As an organization that relies heavily on teamwork to drive projects and initiatives, Google was looking for information that would help set up teams for optimal success. These five dynamics may seem like just a lot of common sense.

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They had also maintained the quality of the original net design, while improving on the arrows. In smaller groups, however, the arrows never improved, and the nets became simpler over time. When most players tried to copy the tools, they ended up with less effective versions, but larger groups were more likely to contain skilled artisans who equalled or improved on the initial designs.

Researcher Maxime Derex explains why large groups are best at maintaining skills and innovation over generations. After ten generations, students who had access to five models were substantially better at editing the images and tying the knots than those with just one model. Even the least skilled of them performed better than the most skilled person in the one-model group. Henrich's team found that the students paid most attention to the most capable of their five possible mentors, but also drew inspiration from the others.

The Dynamics of Teamwork: How Culture Applies to Small Groups

The two studies also suggest that a large population size may be necessary for the evolution of cumulatively complex cultures, of the sort that distinguishes modern humans from other primates. For example, Henrich notes that many anthropologists assumed that Neanderthals were less intelligent than humans even though their brains were the same size, because they built less complex tools. They lacked the large groups that ratchet culture to new heights. But Dean notes that human culture is more sophisticated than these experiments allow.

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We help one another with complex tasks, teach each other and provide feedback. Why develop a small group culture? What tweaks can be made to existing ministry programs so they are steps to getting kids into groups?

Discover More of Vietnam's Fascinating Culture with Small Group Tours

Does your seasonal and weekly calendar compliment or complicate what happens in church culture and at home? How often are your leaders being thanked, encouraged and trained? Do you have a clear strategy for how you invite and apprentice new leaders in your ministry?

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Solid Experience Do your resources and curriculum support leaders with what they need each week? How is your physical space designed and managed to help small groups win?

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